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"Enough catchy charm and ass-kicking propulsion to suggest a ballsier Weezer or a punk-schooled Cheap Trick...the Spiders are ready to spin a power-pop revolution."

-Rolling Stone


"The Nashville-based power pop trio is weaving a web of gritty rock'n'roll, catchy riffs and flashy looks in order to capture the attention of a mainstream audience...they seem to be well on their way."

-Billboard Magazine


"The Pink Spiders' rock and roll assault is under way. You've been warned."

-MTV News


"the ideal blend of sweetness and crunch"

-Entertainment Weekly


"catchy blasts of bubblegum angst"



"The Pink Spiders put their money where their mouth is...

impossibly catchy and dangerous enough to terrify suburban parents" 

-Alternative Press


"angst ridden, smart-assed, and slickly catchy"



"a rock frolic with the proper balance of bubblegum catchiness, punk muscle and dance snap."

-USA Today


"a riot of neon, Sunset Strip riffs, broken instruments and drunkenness.”



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